Where to eat brunch in Paris this weekend?

Fancy a brunch in Paris ? Step on board Aqua Restaurant

Are you looking for a brunch spot in Paris this weekend? Then look no further: you've found it. Treat yourself to fresh, seasonal products (pastries, fresh fruit juices, charcuterie, cheese and more). Brunch is an ideal opportunity to meet up with family and friends on a Sunday morning. A delicious sweet and savoury brunch buffet in Paris, everyone can agree on a brunch as an alternative to breakfast and lunch. A varied and generous brunch menu.

You won't want to miss Aqua Restaurant's weekend brunch

One of the best brunch spots in Paris with a buffet which foodies will love. An Italian-inspired brunch, created by our chef. We pride ourselves on using fresh, quality ingredients.

Brunch menu €35/person

Served with tea or coffee and orange or grapefruit juice


1 jus de fruis préssé
1 pressed fruit juice
American coffee
Bread Jams, Nutella
Cheese platters
Chocolat chaud
Hot Chocolate
Mini Chocolate Breads
Mini croissants
Mini croissants
Mini pains au chocolat
Mini pains aux raisins
Mini raisin breads
Oeufs brouillés nature
Pains Confitures, Nutella, sirop d' érable
Scrambled eggs nature
Scrambled eggs with truffles
Thé / Café américain

Savoury buffet

Animation du Chef
Antipasti de légumes grillés
Antipasti of grilled vegetables
Aubergines à la parmiggiana
Chef's animation
Chicken marinated with citrus fruits from Sicily
Cold salmon with thyme and lemon
Compositions de crudités
Eggplant parmiggiana style
Mediterranean vegetable and goat cheese pie
Mozzarella Tomatoes, Caesar Salad
Pasta salad with truffle
Pizza traditionnelle maison
Plateaux de charcuteries fines italienne
Plateaux de fromages
Poulet et rosbif à la rotissoire
Raw vegetable compositions
Salade de pâte à l' italienne
Saumon froid au herbes et citron
Tarte façon quiche de saison
Tomates Mozzarella, Salade Cesar
Traditional homemade pizza
Trays of fine Italian deli meats

Sweet buffet

Animation crêpes
Brioche perdue
Chocolate Cakes
Floating islands
French toast
Fruit Cakes
Fruit salad Fresh fruit
Gâteaux au chocolat
Pancake animation
Panna cotta
Panna cotta
Salade de fruits Fruits frais
Tarte aux fruits de saison

Where to eat brunch in Paris?

Treat yourself to a unique experience on board a waterfront river boat restaurant in a truly stunning setting.

Enjoy a delicious buffet and friendly service from our welcoming crew. With a wide-ranging menu of French and Italian dishes, you can choose from a variety of drinks, starters, main courses and delicious desserts.

Treat yourself to an all-you-can-eat weekend brunch with your children! What are you waiting for? Enjoy our brunch buffet in a floating French and Italian restaurant. Together with your family, your friends or your other half, enjoy Italian cuisine prepared by specialist chefs.

If you'd like to enjoy an Italian pizza in Île de France, on the Seine's Left Bank, visit our river boat restaurant. Enjoy a zen ambiance as you travel along the Seine and take a few stunning photos.

Meilleur brunch à Paris le week end

Celebrate your birthday on board a river boat restaurant with a professional crew.

Enjoy a brunch on the Seine, alongside your colleagues or your family. Even on a modest budget, you can enjoy a welcoming setting and a delicious brunch in comfortable surroundings.

An evening out at a restaurant with a terrace is always a wonderful way to relax. As you look out on the river, admire some of Île de France's tallest monuments.

You'll want to take photos to remember the experience. Enjoy your Italian pizza or your brunch as you admire some of the capital's superb buildings.

Would you like to book a table to try our brunch?

Our team is here to advise you. There's nothing better than a weekend brunch with friends or family.

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