Aqua Restaurant


"Aqua Restaurant offers diners a welcoming and modern setting. In Suresnes, just 7 minutes from Porte Maillot. This river boat is said to have one of the most stunning waterfront terraces in Paris. Opposite the ParisLongchamp Racecourse, Aqua Restaurant welcomes diners aboard for an unforgettable experience.

Its cosy decor creates an intimate feel. Moored on Quai Marcel Dassault, the restaurant is welcoming and elegant and has beautiful views of the Seine (the terrace can be covered in winter).

It's a magical place! You can also organise receptions for weddings, baptisms or corporate events: it's the ideal venue. Several options are available, depending on your needs (light meal, classic dinner). The restaurant offers set menus featuring quality, seasonal ingredients.

We're open until midnight from Monday to Friday (and until 5am on Saturday) and Aqua Restaurant is also open for Sunday brunch and any other requests to privatise the restaurant. You can take a seat in our lounge before sitting down to a sophisticated French and Italian meal."