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A la carte menu Aqua Restaurant

We pride ourselves on using quality ingredients.
Our menu changes every day because we only served home-made and freshly prepared dishes!

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Découverte set menu €39.00

Choose a starter, a main course and a dessert from our entire menu

(max 8 pers.)


Mozza bar (1 mozza of your choice)

Served with tomatoes and olives -Burrata tartuffade -Burrata smoked -Burrata pistachio pesto -Bufala treccione

13.00 €
Beef carpaccio, parmesan and rocket salad

13.00 €
Slate of fine Italian delicatessen products

14.00 €
Salmon tataki, crunchy sucrine, red cabbage

14.00 €
Pizzetta with fresh truffles

Small Pizza with truffle shavings

14.00 €
Octopus salad with citrus fruits

15.00 €

Main courses

Linguini arrabiata and burrata

16.00 €
Penne al tonno and vegetables Sicilian style

17.00 €
Beautiful Italian salad

Antipasti, melon, tomato and mozzarella cheese

17.00 €
Italian beef tartar, fresh French fries

18.00 €
Linguini with fresh truffle

18.00 €
Poke bowl with salmon, asparagus, sesame, cucumber, carrot, beans and quinoa

19.00 €
The famous Milanese escalope, pasta à la Napolitaine

19.00 €
Sicilian style sea bass filet, seasonal vegetables

23.00 €
Double Salmon Tataki, secret sauce

24.00 €
Entrecote d'Argentine (300g), gorgonzola sauce, fresh french fries (extra 5€ for discovery menu)

29.00 €


La Margherita

San Matteo tomato sauce, bufala mozzarella and basil

12.00 €
Quattro formaggi

Taleggio, gorgonzola, parmesan and mozzarella

14.00 €
The Calzone

San Matteo tomato sauce, fresh tomato, mozzarella, ham, egg

14.00 €
The ortolana

San Matteo tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant and burrata

14.00 €
The Tartufo

Cream base, spread, button mushrooms, burrata and parmesan

17.00 €
La Bella Ciao

San Matteo tomato sauce, egg, speck, spicy salame and mushrooms

17.00 €
La Modena

San Matteo tomato sauce, bresaola, balsamic cream, sundried tomatoes, parmesan and arugula

17.00 €


Chocolate Moelleux

10.00 €
Puff pastry with red fruits, light cream

10.00 €
Cup of red fruits, with or without whipped cream.

10.00 €
Coffee or Tea for the Gourmet

10.00 €
Nutella Pizza

10.00 €
Gourmet champagne (extra 5€ for discovery menu)

15.00 €
Our chocolate mousse

7.00 €
Tiramisù coffee

8.00 €
Vanilla panna cotta, salted butter caramel

8.00 €
Iced yuzu soufflé

9.00 €

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Aqua Restaurant terrace with views of the Seine Aqua Restaurant Opposite 5 Quai Marcel Dassault 92150 Suresnes +33 1 49 29 50 50